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Dr. Somayyeh is a passionate Accredited Practising
Dietitian and a member of Dietitians Australia with
over two decades of experience in the field. She holds
a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and a PhD in Dietetics, and has
been practicing as a Dietitian for over 20 years in various
research and clinical settings. Throughout her career, she
has been involved in several research projects, resulting
in over 15 publications in peer-reviewed journals.


Dr. Somayyeh’s primary focus is on weight loss. She is dedicated

to understanding the complexity of obesity, with the aim of

uncovering the fundamental causes and developing highly

individualised interventions to target the root cause.

Dr. Somayyeh firmly believes that weight loss is achievable only

through a multi-disciplinary approach, recognising that obesity

is influenced by various factors. She advocates for a holistic

approach to weight management, emphasizing the importance

of making small, sustainable changes over seeking quick-fix

solutions. Her vision is to focus on maintenance of lost weight

and long term management and to empower individuals with

the knowledge and tools they need to achieve long-lasting,

transformative changes in their health.

Additionally, Dr. Somayyeh deploys a range of different weight

loss approaches. She actively avoids fad diets, instead, she

prioritises evidence-based methods tailored to each individual’s

unique needs.

Dr. Somayyeh spends enough time to thoroughly understand her

patients’ weight and diet history, current medications, lifestyle

choices, family and cultural influences, psychological and

surgical backgrounds. By getting a good grasp of her patients’

specific situation, needs, and goals, she tailors the meal plan

to fit each individual. Her main aim is to recommend practical

and realistic dietary changes. Dr. Somayyeh helps patients at

all stages of their weight loss journey, including those seeking

dietary intervention only, those taking weight loss medications,

and those preparing for or recovering from bariatric surgery





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Accredited Practising Dietitian

(PhD) Clinical Nutrition

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